Rocco’s Bar and Grill is now serving fire-roasted Italian style pizza – soon to be added to the menu at Caffeinated. Don Litchfield and Carolee Ornbaun brought along several of their pizza creations for The Backpage crew to enjoy. Come learn all about their pizzas, and what Rocco’s has to offer. 

McNary Moore will be hosting ‘Nightmare of 5th Street’ on Thursday, October 31 – Yes, Halloween day. This family fun event is a great alternative or addition to your Halloween trick-or-treats. Learn all about the family fun as Verdo Werre, and Nadine Benz gives us some insight into the event. 

McNary Moore is located at 107 5th Street in Colusa.

Rocco’s Bar and Grill is located at 546 Market Street in Colusa, and right next door is Caffeinated at 538 Market Street.

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