Hot rods in the ‘buckle

Hayley Apaseo, Jaki Gonzalez, Amanda Pitts, Diana Lytal, Santana King, Cassandra Gomez, and Kent Boes.
an you spot the vape devices? It’s harder than you think…

The 16th annual Arbuckle Car Show is upon us! Jacki Gonzalez, Diana Lytal, and Cassandra Gonzalez discussed their event and its many activities. Including the car show, raffle prizes, the infamous trip-tip lunch, Halloween parade, and much more. 

Meanwhile, Lloyd, Kent, and Hayley discuss the youth vaping epidemic and tobacco education with Amanda Pitts, the Health Program Specialist with the Colusa County Department of Public Health, and Santana King, the Tobacco Use Prevention Education Coordinator with the Colusa County Office of Education. 

This episode was highly informative, and the hosts were shocked at the number of e-cigarette and vape devices confiscated from local school-aged students. 

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